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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

E-Reading and Listening

Today was the Virtual Summit of:
E-books:Libraries at a Tipping Point.

It was my first webcast.

I got on at 11am and now it's 1:30pm. I only listened to about 5 mins. of a webcast when my fingers and mind wandered. MUST FIND E-BOOKS!

I went to my local library website and found that I have access to two of the e-reader companies that spoke at the Summit: Overdrive and Netlibrary. WOW! I recognized these names.

At that point I browsed Overdrive and spent the next hour figuring out how to download a Junie B. Jones Audio book for my daughter. I downloaded it to my computer quite easily, but then I wanted it on her i-pod.

I found Overdrive's "Help" exceptional. They really know what I am going to have trouble with. They gave step-by-step instructions on solving my problems. Oh, I am so excited to introduce my daughter to her new "music" on her i-pod. It's just so exciting!

What I would like to see on Overdrive is the ability to filter searches. For example, I want to find all the children's books that are e-books. I haven't been able to figure that out.

I went to NetLibrary to check for other resources, but I was turned off right away. It wasn't as embracing as Overdrive. So I will stick to Overdrive for a while, until I am ready to venture into the unknown again.

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