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Monday, November 14, 2011

Current Events #8: Cameron Herold: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs

This is a TedTalk that I found on iTunes while I was working out. It was actually given in Edmonton back in March of 2010, but its 'current' to me.

Cameron, an entrepreneur,  gives an interesting talk on how schools preparing students for professional occupations like lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers and are discouraging students to be entrepreneurs. He feels that it is in entrepreneurship that all the worlds needs are answered - if there is a problem, an entrepreneurial minded person will think of a solution. He doesn't say that everyone should be trained to be entrepreneurs; only those who show the traits of an entrepreneur. He then discusses those traits by talking about the traits he displayed as a child.

I chose this because I could relate to Cameron's experiences. My dad is an entreprenuer. He started is own machine shop back in the 1980's and we were raised working in that shop. The whole time I listened to this talk, I kept thinking of my dad who told us he wished he'd gotten an engineering degree along with this machining ticket. Though he has been successful, he feels the education he would have received as an engineer would have greatly assisted him in his work. So 'book education' and 'hands-on education' might be what we really need.

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