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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Current Events #1: Online School for Rural School Boards??

This past Monday I was listening to the radio when the following discussion story came up. (start at 27:00). It just fits in so well with our discussions on using Web2.0 in the class (or not in the class as you'll soon find out!)

CBC Alberta@noon
News paper article

The Prairie Rose School Division has had many school closures over the past few years. Many students are now having to take over an hour bus rides to get to school and another to get home. The board is looking into online schooling for some of the communities. A board meeting is happening Sept.28 where the technology specialist will update everyone on the technology that will be available. I am really curious to see what technology the will be suggesting.

I was really excited to hear that one of the options is to have hybrid classes (Kist 2010)! This would allow for students to come to school a few days of the week and stay home and work from home the other days. This would be especailly helpful in the winter when the roads are bad.

This was really meaningful to me because I went to a rural school. I could see how beneficial it would be to not have to travel the long distance every day, especially in the winter. I would have enjoyed having hybrid classes. I would also enjoy being the teacher of such classes.

Kist, W. (2010). The Socially Networked Classroom. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

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