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Friday, September 30, 2011

Current Events #2: Web 3.0 - Are you kidding me?? I'm still figuring out Web 2.0!!

I have been following Judy O'Connell on Twitter (@heyjudeonline) for awhile but didn't find her website until this well. I was looking for another post recommended by a classmate when I found this slideshow. It caught my eye right away when I read Web3.0. AHHH!! Not yet! I am still working on Web2.0 and enjoying it thanks! I don't need change yet. The Next Big Thing is Web 3.0. Catch It If You Can
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I am sharing it with you because it is a great presentation:
- it goes over what Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 are and then dives into Web3.0
- it has great explanations and visuals
- it has three embedded YouTube Videos that help to explain the concept (especially slide 38)

Though initially Web3.0 seems complicated it actually is very simple. Let me rephrase that: Web 3.0 provides a simple solution to a very complicated task. It's essentially a new way of searching the internet. Instead of having individual websites returned to you on a search, the search engine searches websites you already use to get precise information for you. It is supposed to decrease our surfing time.

This is meaningful for me because I really want to keep up-to-date on changes to the web. I find the changes so fascinating and yet overwhelming. I can see how amazing Web 3.0 can be and look forward to it, but I just can't take these new things in all at once. But I think that is what Web3.0 is suppose to do: help us simplify this information overload.

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