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Friday, October 14, 2011

Attempting to Kill Two Birds (Twitter& Diigo) with One Stone

So I am already off my inquiry timeline. I wasn't supposed to be playing with Diigo for two more weeks. But in order for me to play with Twitter properly, I need to play with Diigo right now. Guess these Web 2.0 tools are intertwined.

As mentioned two posts ago I start by going to Twitter; I find an article in a Tweet that I want to read. I click on the link, I start reading the article and I think to myself, 'I wish I could highlight this.' That is when I wish I had a Diigo app for my iPad. Wait a seccond, I do have a Diigo app for my iPad!! I close out of Twitter, I look for the app on my screen, click on it and explore.

It's useless. I can only read my saved bookmarks. I can't highlight or annotate. As I click on every link in the app, I end up at the App store. The screenshots show me a totally different app. Why doesn't that app look like mine? I search google, I go to Diigo help forums. I just keep hitting buttons.

And then something occurs to me: What if there are TWO apps? One for the iPad and one for the iPhone?? What if I am using the wrong app? Oh,wouldn't that be stupid of me.

I go to my desktop screens on my iPad and look to see if I have two Diigo apps. Sure enough, I do. I've been using the wrong app. They look exactly alike so there was no way for me to know which was the iPad app and which was the iPhone app.

Mystery solved. I am now going to go play with Diigo using the proper app.

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