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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is it possible to have 1000 bookmarks?

I found a video that helped me understand what exactly Diigo is: 


In summary Diigo is a place (a website) where information, knowledge and community come together.

Right now my Diigo account is a dumping ground for personal and PD webpages. Richardson (2010) says that Diigo is one of his favourite Web 2.0 tools because one can bookmark (and actually make an archive) a webpage, annotate and highlight content and collaborate with others (pp. 92-95). Until I read his book I knew that Diigo bookmarked webpages and you could highlight content, but I have only ever used it as bookmarker. It was no different than having the bookmarks on my web browser, where one of the benefits of Diigo is that it is web based, providing me the ability to access bookmarks from any device.

My first attempt at highlighting and annotating. So proud of myself!

Joyce Valenza indicates that Diigo can be used by students as a research tool and for teacher’s PLNs because there are Diigo groups that can be bookmarked in order to get up-to-date information on the chosen topic. A teacher from Ann Arbor feels that Diigo’s best feature is that note taking skills (recognize main point, look for supporting arguments, summarize and react to texts), which are transferable, can be used extensively when using Diigo. Over the semester I hope that I will be able to demonstrate my ability to bookmark, annotate, highlight and share webpages with others in the Diigo world.

Yes, there is lots of food on my boards.

I heard of Pinterest when my sister-in-law showed it to me this summer. I was very excited to start using Pinterest because I find it so much easier to find a bookmark that is a picture versus text. Pinterest was launched March 2010 but is still in private testing. One needs to be invited by another Pinterest user or email a request to register (Pinterest, 2011Though new, Pinterest was selected as one of Time magazines best websites for 2011.

I have been using Pinterest to advocate libraries and technology integration by pinning images that I find on blogs and Twitter.  I am really excited to delve into Pinterest because I have had more interest in my resources this month in Pinterest, than I have had on any other Web 2.0 tool that I have used.  Other people are ‘liking’ and ‘repining’ my images which makes me feel like my advocating is working and I want to move this forward:-)

Here is a screencast of where I am at with Diigo and Pinterest:

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Just in case the embedding doesn't work, here is a link: Bookmarking Sites

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