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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where am I supposed to put all the 'good stuff' I find on Twitter?!?

I sat down to 'play' with Twitter on my iPad when I saw a tweet I wanted to look up. I clicked on the link, quickly looked at the story and decided I didn't have time right now to read it - I wanted to figure out Twitter!

This is where I always get stuck. If I was reading this news article via Google Reader I could email the whole article to myself or to my Evernote account. But since it was just a webpage, I was only able to email myself the link. I don't think the link itself is very useful. I want the whole story. I looked at how I could share it and decided to Diigo it. I sent it off to my Diigo account which currently is a disorganized mess. I told myself that I'd get it all cleaned up in two weeks when I explored Diigo for my inquiry.

Oh, no. I am off topic again. I am supposed to be exploring Twitter.

But I just can't do it. There is no point in me following tweets if I have no where to put the information, or if I just add it to my dumping ground. I will never remember all this 'good stuff'. I need to take a step back from Twitter and set a support system up. I am going to do two things:

1) Diigo articles just like I mentioned above. I will organize it all in two weeks.
2) I need to fine tune my Evernote organization. It's the best place that I have found so far to keep all my 'finds'.

So that is what I am doing right now: playing with Evernote. I have already found a feature that I was hoping would be implemented, so I am going to leave this blog and go play.

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