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Monday, October 10, 2011

Current Events #3: Why 21st Century Learning?

This is a video created by The Texas Education Agency.

I Have a Question. Why 21st Century Learning?

I chose this video because friends, family and co-workers have asked me, "Why 21st Century Education?". This video answers the question in such a simple and clear way. It takes everything I have been learning about 21 Century learning and sums it up in 3:34 minutes.  

This is a useful video for me becasue it's a great video to use as I advocate for libraries and technology integreation. I just emailed it off to my friend who is wondering why her children are coming home with websites to play with, assigned by their teachers. She knows her children love this kind of "homework" but fears that we're just feeding an addiction!! I think this video will help her (and others) understand why schools are starting to change their approach to teaching. 

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