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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Schedule for my Inquiry Project

Demonstrate learning
Week 1:
Oct 11-15
I will demonstrate my learning by joining the conversations in Twitter. I will use Twitter/Edmodo throughout the course with final reflections at the end.
- play with and then write about the ways in which Twitter can be used in the classroom
Week 2: Oct.16- 22
- convert this proposal into blog postings
- continue to blog for this assignment
Week 3:
Diigo, Pinterest,
- organize my current bookmarks
- continue to bookmark useful websites
- share my bookmarks with classmates, instructors and others on Diigo
- respond to others’ bookmarks
Week 4:
Jing Screencast
- create at least 3 or4  screencasts demonstrating how to use a goal setting website ( set up by my church.  I will share the screencast on my blog, with the leaders and youth of my church congregation via email. I will share it on YouTube in case there are members of my Church throughout the world who would like a tutorial on the website.
Week 5:
– create a digital story using  Blurb’s mobile app
- write a story and that includes pictures (alter pictures with Picnik if I need to) that can either be published or viewed online;  create an audio recording the story (Smythe, Neufeld, 2010).
- if the above doesn’t take all my time then I will create a podcast on a topic yet to  be determined
Week 6:
Aviary Audio Editor
Week 7:
Week 8:
Nov.27- Dec.5
Wrap up & Reflection

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Caroline Lakusta said...

If you find any extra needles...throw some my way ; ) Good luck on your inquiry project Oinorton!