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Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Blog??

Family and friends that I have learned from
I began blogging on a personal level in 2005. I cannot tell you how much I have learned from all the people I follow. My life is enriched by being able to keep up-to-date with family and friends. 

I started to read blogs for PD in 2010. It was overwhelming at first. There were so many educators' blogs to follow that I couldn't keep up with all the reading. But I kept at it, and in time I started to understand what people were talking about. Important issues were discussed on more than one blog, giving me the chance to more fully grasp the concepts.

Berger and Trexler (2010) refer to blogging as the ‘gateway to discussion’ (p.103). It is a place to share opinions and ideas. Blogs allow for everyone - if they chose - to have a voice on the web as each blog generally represents one voice (p.103). Having readers respond to one’s opinion is what makes blogging unique. Richardson (2010) expressed that it was such a powerful experience to be able to share opinions and to have an audience. He says he has never forgotten the first time he shared his opinion online and first time it was responded to. I wonder if his first comment was about the colour of his blog.

I often comment on my family's and friends' blogs. The comments are never profound. It's usually something small letting the blogger know that I read the post.

I very rarely comment on the blogs I read for PD. If I do, it's usually to tell them that I really liked their post. Bottom line is that I don't feel I have anything to contribute to conversations. If I was having a discussion with a group verbally, I would comment because I always feel I have something pertinent to say.  I often feel like I have nothing pertinent to write. 

So this is where I stand right now as a blogger:

I am a journal writer, not a blogger.
I use blogs personally and as part of my PLN, but not professionally. 
I am a consumer of information not a creator or contributor.

I hope that by the end of the term I will:

Be a Blogger
Have a professional blog
Be a creator and contributor.


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