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Friday, November 18, 2011

I just get so darn excited when I figure things out!

I was supposed to report back on Twitter last week, but my other Web2.0 tools have kept me busy.

There were two things I really wanted to figure out with Twitter:
1) How do I follow a conversation?? I'm getting only bits and pieces of what people are saying to each other. Maybe I shouldn't be eavesdropping, but hey, this is Twitter.

2) Like I said in this post, I really want a good way to store things I find on Twitter.

And this is where I get so darn excited!! I figured out BOTH!! So here are my findings:

1) Eavesdropping on Twitter

Eavesdropping 1

So, in this tweet, @ProfessorNana wrote a comment to @donalynbooks. When you see it in the Timeline you don't get this button:
I needed to click on the tweet and then it would switch the above screen which has the "in reply to" button. Once I clicked on it, I could see the whole conversation:
I just discovered though that on the iPad, once I click on the tweet the whole conversation comes up. I don't need to press on any 'in reply to'button. Sweet. Another reason to be excited.

NOW, why do I need to be eavesdropping, I mean, following conversations? Well because I need to be able to understand what's happening in lives of @gcouros, @couros and @shareski. Their tweets to each other are just so funny. I've got to keep on top of it.


2) Storing (hoarding??) my Twitter Finds

You ready for my discovery?? Here we go!

The link has opened in Twitter.

The Reader Button!!

Yeah I can email the article!!

The WHOLE article!! Not just the link. 

It does not take a whole lot to get me excited. 


April Brown said...
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April Brown said...

Oops, I forgot to add. You should join the conversation and see what happens. Maybe not their conversation but try starting one of your own.
Have you thought of joining the #mathchat on Thursday evening. I started there. It's quite interesting to be involved in a chat with people from all over the world and on a topic you find interesting.
Twitter is a wonderful form of professional development.
The Math Whisperer

April Brown said...

Now my comments are out of order because I made a huge mistake on the first one. Here it is again. Sorry about that.

This kind of stuff gets me all excited as well. Question for you. How are you adding your arrows, stars, text boxes, etc to your pictures? I'm putting mine in Notebook but if their is an easier way I'd like to know.
Also, the little reader button is Safari's way of taking all the junk away so you can just read the post in a nice clean way. I use it on my computer quite frequently.

April Brown said...

Hi Ortensia
Yikes!! It's too early in the morning and when you read the first comment you're going to be like, "What is she talking about????"
When I posted I thought this was Lisa's blog post. That's why I mentioned #mathchat. You might want to consider joining a Library chat, if there is one. I think @banana29 would know a little bit more.
Sorry for the confusion.
The Math Whisperer

Ortensia Norton said...

No worries April! Thanks for visiting!

I have Picasa on my computer for my pictures. When I click on an indiv picture I am given the option to edit in Picnik. It works really well. Now I'm curious about notebook.

I love safari. So glad I found that reader button.

Thanks for the tip on chats. I didn't know people met at specific times.